Sunday, April 5, 2009

Staff Meeting

Good morning everyone. Sorry about the Directors meeting but many of us were attending Angus’ stag do. Now I have to report that we have a new staff member Harley (everyone claps) He will be in the security division. This will be a short meeting today I have to meet with some executives from France so Trevor with be on that meeting as he is the head of foreign affairs. Please be aware that there is a Directors meeting on Friday so I need you reports in by Wednesday so Zahli can type them up. Angel Fluffy has been giving reports to Foxy and Jess every week on the SPCA re homing animals for us. Also Teddy has kept us up to par on Dog Trust and getting there dogs forever homes. Well I must make this meeting it is very important. So I will end this meeting and you may be on your war of course after the refreshment. Then back to work Please!!!!!!

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