Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Directors Meeting

Well the Directors meeting has been cancelled today due to Toney's mom was very busy with her new computer will be one next week. FOR SURE so get your reports ready. There will a Staff meeting Tueday so see you all there.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tuesday Staff Meeting

Good morning everyone I am glad you all could attend this meeting. Will be changing this meeting from Monday to Tuesday because of Zahli’s, my dear secretary, is giving dance lessons on Mondays for everyone. I have to say they are very enjoyable. Now back to the work at hand. Our progress has been very good this past week. We have re-homed many animals this week, which keeps the cost down in feeding them all and cleaning after them. Our k9 Coordinator Jingles is doing a fine job. My First Lady Mo will be starting to do some fund raisers for our organization. She will need some bodyguards when she travels from place to please Maxy Moo I need that taken care of right away. Since the President has not gotten himself a dog yet we can use the royal suit for other important animals that come in for re-homing. I will be traveling to England in the next couple weeks to meet with the English Ambassador Teddy for some advise in what is happening in England with how Dog trust re-homes there animals. Now I have Angel fluffy on watch in what is going on in the offices. She has already reported to me on some issues that are going on. I will meet with her soon to talk over the problems we are having in a beak- in in Maxy Moo’s office. He has some high security documents in there and we don’t want them to get into the wrong hands. Well that concludes the meeting for today. I like to keep these meeting short and brief so we can get our work done. So it is refreshment time enjoy!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Darlene



We hope you don't mind us hi-jacking your Blog, Darlene, but we wanted to wish you a very happy birthday for today.

Jacky and Paul xxxx

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Directors Meeting

Good day everyone welcome to our first directors meeting. I am very Happy that you all could attend. These meeting are mandatory. I would first of all thank all of you for doing a fine job as being directors of you departments. Maxy Moo is doing a very good job in his position. Security is one of the most important jobs in this Office. My Legal Advisor Billy-B has been legalizing all the staffs important papers they are to sign for their pay and retirement and so on. Zhali has been an the Ball keeping all my records and taking dictation for me as she is doing for the meeting today. We have acquired an English Ambassador Teddy to take care of The Dog trust in his country. Trevor is taking Care of all other Foreign Correspondence for our office. Bella and Holly are the Directors of Kennels making sure our homeless animals have a good home until we find them one. Very nice job by the way. (everyone claps a little mumble in the crowd) All right all right now back to business. Now Dylan is the Director of felines he is eating that job up he love the kittens especially. Ozzy is the Director of Entertainment which from time to time we will be entertaining foreign correspondents so he has his job cut out for him. Our Directors of Fire Engines and Fire Hydrant are Pippa and Michaela and they are on a mission right now and couldn’t be here but I had reports from them they will soon return. Now Jenny will be taking over from time to time so I hope she doesn’t mind the responsibility. At our next meeting I will expect reports from everyone out loud so they have to be in by Wednesday before our next meeting. Now I had mentioned that there will be no hanky panky going on in the offices. Please do what you have to do when you are gone home. Well that’s it for today I will take questions on the forums so keep me posted on any problems or concerns. Have a great day and we will go back to work.

Directors Meeting Tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!

To all the Directors of DS Whitehouse Office hope to see all of you hear a 10 am please. This is Directors only so the rest of the Staff it's work as normal. You All are doing a great job so let's keep the good work up. Our Lovely animals need us.Now Teddy you elephant is at the zoo so you can use him when ever you need him. haahhahahahha I will be back on tomorrow with the Directors meeting so have a good day.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Monday Staff Meeting

Hi Everyone thanks for coming to day I have some issues I would like to take care of before we start. There will be no hanky panky going on in the offices. The job is very serious. We have a lot of work to take care of so I Do not want to have to mention this again. Now Maxy Moo has given out the appropriate uniforms and badges to everyone. As all of you know during the week you can go on the forums with any questions and problems you may have. I want to express my gratitude to Jenny when she takes over for me. I may Have Jenny run some of these Staff meeting for from time to time. I may have to take trips for meetings in other parts of the country. So I won’t be here all the time. As you see that Teddy has become our English Ambassador and I will have meetings with him through the next few months. I won’t be taking any questions today as I know you are all ready for your refreshment and snacks. By the way Maxy don’t eat everything before other people have gotten some. Thank you for being here We will meet again next Monday. Friday I will make sure there is a directors meeting. Meeting Adjourned (Everybody runs for the refreshments and Maxy is waiting like a gentleman.)

Teddy The English Ambassator

This is Teddy's office. He only takes appointments to see him. So please make an appointment if you need to see him. He is my correspondent for England.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone hope you had a wonderful Day with all your Sweethearts. As you know it was Billy-B's Birthday and He turned five years old. We would like to give him congratulations on his joy est occasion. He will be having his party in the summer so we shall look forward to that. The Zoo called yesterday and Said they would take Teddy and Maxy Moo's elephant for a while in case they have to use it again. Well that is it for today. See you all Monday bright and early.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Hour

Today is Wednesday and it is Happy hour after all our hardwork today. So Maxy Moo has sugested Brickie's Pup So I will see you all there for Cockertails. Maxy Moo is providing his pig ears so enjoy!!!!!! Also I would like to say everyone so far is doing a wonderful job. Thank You for being such a wonderful Staff. Please leave your questions or any problems on the forums in DS.
Thank You All Toney

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Staff Meeting

Good morning everyone I want to welcome you to our first staff meeting. I am very impressed with this staff. I know we will do a great job for our homeless animals and training of the presidents new dog (cough cough) when he gets one hahahahahaha (The staff a laughs.) As you know that Maxy Moo is my director of security. He will get all the uniforms and badges ready for you. Now we have many other staff members that are directors and I feel they will do an excellent job in their positions. Are there any questions? Milo “Yes I would like to know what we will get paid for our positions?” Good question!!!! You will be paid in Bonios in according to your position. You will speak to your department heads for you information about how many. They have been sent out letters made by my fine secretary Zahli. She has already been very busy getting thing organized for me. Jenny my assistant has been working hard to get all departments in order also. Any other questions? Yeah Maxy Moo raises his hand Yes Maxy Moo “ When do we eat?” (Everyone laughs) As soon as the meeting is done witch is right now. Ok everyone Meeting adjourned

Friday, February 6, 2009

Toney Ds Whitehouse Office

You have entered Toney's White house office. Located in the Oval Office in Washington DC. He is the Commissioner of Dog Training and Helping re home homeless animals. He has Started to build his staff right now the posting will be put up formally February 7Th 09. He is now taking applications and appointing as they come in.

First Lady

Little Mo

Lexi - The First Lady's Dress Designer

Private Secretary


Zahli's assistant, Molly

Legal Advisor



Personal Assistant

Diva Jenny

Lucy Jenny's Secretary

K9 Coordinator


Director of Security

Maxy Moo's Secretary Zoe

Maxy Moo

Mail Carriers Floss and Molly

Food Inspector Bonnie & Catering

Mutley Party Organizer

Food Inspector Bonny

Oscar Kasha


Guardian Angel Fluffy

Press Secretary


Foreign Correspondent


Body Guards








Director of Kennels

Bella and Holly

Kennel Designer
Dino Dog



Members of Australian Army Base




Director of Entertainment


Director of Fire Engines and Hydrants



Director of Felines

Dylan and The Cats

Kia and Jackson Dylan's Assistants

Staff is Almost Complete

Hi Everyone Well Toney's staff is almost complete and I hope everyone is ready to start to work. Every Monday there will be a staff meeting to get reports from all the staff and their progress. Directors only meeting will be on Fridays. So hope to see you all there. We will be having refreshments during our meetings and no alcohol during work. We will be attending Happy hour every Wednesday in a pup to be named at a later date. Friends and Family are welcome. Will be back with more news soon.

Thank you Your Commissioner Toney