Monday, February 23, 2009

Tuesday Staff Meeting

Good morning everyone I am glad you all could attend this meeting. Will be changing this meeting from Monday to Tuesday because of Zahli’s, my dear secretary, is giving dance lessons on Mondays for everyone. I have to say they are very enjoyable. Now back to the work at hand. Our progress has been very good this past week. We have re-homed many animals this week, which keeps the cost down in feeding them all and cleaning after them. Our k9 Coordinator Jingles is doing a fine job. My First Lady Mo will be starting to do some fund raisers for our organization. She will need some bodyguards when she travels from place to please Maxy Moo I need that taken care of right away. Since the President has not gotten himself a dog yet we can use the royal suit for other important animals that come in for re-homing. I will be traveling to England in the next couple weeks to meet with the English Ambassador Teddy for some advise in what is happening in England with how Dog trust re-homes there animals. Now I have Angel fluffy on watch in what is going on in the offices. She has already reported to me on some issues that are going on. I will meet with her soon to talk over the problems we are having in a beak- in in Maxy Moo’s office. He has some high security documents in there and we don’t want them to get into the wrong hands. Well that concludes the meeting for today. I like to keep these meeting short and brief so we can get our work done. So it is refreshment time enjoy!!!!!!!

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