Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Welcone Harely

Welcome Harely to our security Department

Monday, March 30, 2009

Staff Meeting

Good morning everyone. Welcome to our staff meeting today. I see some new members are attending today and I also have hired a new bodyguard in the security department. I would like to welcome Harley Tyra’s Brother. I know he will be a great addition to our staff. I would like to announce that the First Lady Little Mo has scheduled many meetings for next the month of April. She is very busy raising funds for our cause. I have been asked but a few of you that you would like to be paid in markies so that will be possible and anyone else that would like to be paid that way let my secretary Zahli know. Now Billy-B has been working hard on the legal side with all the adoptions of our pets. I am very happy with the job he is doing. There is a Stag Do on Thursday for Angus so I will need some bodyguards for the occasion. Maxy Moo will be my special body guard along with Teddy the English Ambassador. Well I am keeping this short as we all have a lot of work to do so enjoy the refreshments and back to work we shall go.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Introducing Toby that will work with Dylan and the Cats and Honey that will be in the mail room with Molly and Floss

Directors Meeting

Good morning everyone. I am glad you all could attend today. I am very sorry about the Staff Meeting Tuesday I got caught up in a meeting at Doggy Snaps. So it was too late to have the meeting. You did notice that we have some new members to our staff. Toby from Fluffy mummy is going to work with Dylan and the Cats and Honey will be working with Molly and Floss doing the Mail. Now I have had some good reports from Foxy and Jess and Molly and Holly but the rest of you are not giving me reports for your departments. I need to know what is happening in your departments and this must be reported to my superiors. As you know the President is about to get his new dog so we have to be ready for that with the utmost top priority. We will be in charge of training and boarding this new dog. I need some input on how we will handle this situation. Well that about covers our meeting today. So have a great weekend and keep those tails a wagging!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another office with the K9 team Jingles, Dino,Teddy,Molly and Holly and of Course Angel Fluffy watching over them!!!!!!!! You never know when Angel Fluffy is watching!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Two new additions to our staff Henrie and Herietta are going to help Michaela and Pippa With the Firetrucks and Hydrants so Welcome to the staff!!!!!!

Directors Meeting

Toney clears his throat to get everyone attention) Good morning everyone. We are doing so well with re homing our dogs. I am very proud of you. The president said the new dog of his will arrive soon so we have to be ready to train and get this dog in top shape for the President to handle him or her, I can’t wait till this dog arrives. No my first Lady mo has put something in the forums that is very important. She is totally right about happy hour. It is not the only thing we are suppose to do. We have lots of work to do around here to keep us busy forever. She is doing her part in the fundraising Department. I need you all here at all times during the week because we can not let things slack around here. When it is a work day I expect to see you working. Well that is enough for today. Foxy and Jess have given me their reports. And so have Holly and Bella now I do expect more reports from my directors. Meeting adjourned. (They all clap and run for the refreshments)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Introducing Milo and Macky

Milo and Macky have been successful in their application for the post of Little Mo's secretaries.
Welcome to the team! Here they hard at work on their first day.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Staff Meeting

Good morning everyone. I would like to introduce some new Staff today. Foxy and Jess has joined us in rehoming animals they have a few new connections that we need to help us in rehoming animals. (everyone claps since the are great friends on Doggy Snaps) Also my First Lady Little Mo has hired some new secretaries for her scheduling meetings and so on. Mac and Milo (yeah!!!!! from the staff) they are some new comers on Doggy Snaps so give them a fine welcome. (They all clap and Milo and Mac stand up and bow) I know they will work out for my First Lady very well. She is planning many Socials that she has to attend in the future. Speaking of Socials I will be giving a social soon for some representatives from some foreign countries so I need you all to be on your best behavior. I will be putting up some more pictures of the staff at their desks working. I have to give some credit to My Mom for making the office picture she did it all on her own without any help. (Everyone claps) Well it’s time for refreshments so on you way and have a great day. Oh wait! Also Remember Happy hour is at Brickies every Wednesday from now on. Maxy Moo says he will keep it open everyday (even weekends) so if you would like to stop for a drink after work at any time you are welcome. Ok that is it for today!!!! (The Staff claps and runs for the food.)hahahhahahahaha

First Lady's New Secretaries Mac and Milo

Staff Hard At Work

Barney,Roly ,Milo,Desmond,and Dylan

New Staff ( Directors of Rehoming Animals ) Foxy and Jess

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Directors Meeting

Good morning everyone. I am very happy to say that our Happy hour was a big success this week. Hope the crowd grows every week. Now as you know you are my Directors and I need you to keep your departments in line. Every department is very important and I know you all can do a bit more to make things run a little smoother. I still have not got all the report from the Department heads. I need to know what is happening in each department so if there are any problems I can fix them. When it comes around to bonus time you will be upset that you received what you have deserved. So get your reports in and try and keep your department in line. We do not need complaints from the President about this. Then we will all loose our jobs. Maxy Moo’s Mom has sent us some food for today so I want you to help yourselves to the food and refreshments. I would like to thank her for her kindness in taking the time to make us something for our meeting. Well that’s it for today. Good luck everyone and have a nice day.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brickie's Pub

We are here Waiting for more Friends!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Hour


Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Job Everyone!!!!!!!

Staff Meeting

Good day everyone it’s good to see you all together. You all have been working very hard these past few weeks and I am very proud to say that we have re-homed many animals this week. Dylan has done a wonderful job re-homing a lot of kittens we have receive this past week . Jingles has been working hard with the organizing the kennels for the many animals that we have. My First Lady Mo has had her Wags Meeting this past week and is working hard on getting funds for our cause. She needs a secretary to keep all of her appointments for meetings and typing out all her meeting notes. She will be taking applications for that the next week or two. Trevor has been taking good care of our Foreign Correspondence this week. We need all the help we can get. Tomorrow we have our Happy hour At Brickies (everyone claps and yells yeah!!!!!!!) I know you all enjoy the Happy Hours we attend it breaks some of the tension for the hard work that we do. Well I will make this short so we can get back to work. Now if there are any comments or questions they can be put into the forums or there is a comment box at the end of this post. So off you go your are welcome to the refreshments and then back to work we go!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Staff Meeting

Good morning to everyone welcome to the Director and Staff meeting. I am very pleased to say that I have gotten some very good reports for most of you. Zahli has typed them up and I have to sign them. We have now put Dog trust on our site which is doing just about the same thing we are. So we can work together in our endeavors. I see that Maxy Moo has now joined us welcome back. You know you have a lot of duties to perform so I need you here not in a hole some where, ( everyone laughs) . All the kennel look great and we had some problems with a fire hydrant the other day that Pippa and Micaela took care of. My Mail has finally arrived. Molly and Floss delivered it yesterday and I have some many letters to open. Bella and Holly have been reporting to me very well on the forums so make sure if you have any problems please let me know there. My assistant Jenny still doesn’t know who her secretary is. I don’t know what I shall do with her. ( they all laugh and say she is painting her toe nails) hahahhahaahha Well off to our refreshments now so have a good weekend and I will see you all on Tuesday.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Hour

Well Happy Hour was a success this week many more attended than last week. Hope the amount grows even more next week. We need to relax and have some fun at times so keep showing up and have a cockertail or two. Don't forget staff meeting tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! See you all there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

WAGS Luncheon

The First Lady addresses all the WAGS (Wives And GirlfriendS) at the annual luncheon.