Monday, March 9, 2009

Staff Meeting

Good day everyone it’s good to see you all together. You all have been working very hard these past few weeks and I am very proud to say that we have re-homed many animals this week. Dylan has done a wonderful job re-homing a lot of kittens we have receive this past week . Jingles has been working hard with the organizing the kennels for the many animals that we have. My First Lady Mo has had her Wags Meeting this past week and is working hard on getting funds for our cause. She needs a secretary to keep all of her appointments for meetings and typing out all her meeting notes. She will be taking applications for that the next week or two. Trevor has been taking good care of our Foreign Correspondence this week. We need all the help we can get. Tomorrow we have our Happy hour At Brickies (everyone claps and yells yeah!!!!!!!) I know you all enjoy the Happy Hours we attend it breaks some of the tension for the hard work that we do. Well I will make this short so we can get back to work. Now if there are any comments or questions they can be put into the forums or there is a comment box at the end of this post. So off you go your are welcome to the refreshments and then back to work we go!!!!!!!!!!!

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