Friday, March 20, 2009

Directors Meeting

Toney clears his throat to get everyone attention) Good morning everyone. We are doing so well with re homing our dogs. I am very proud of you. The president said the new dog of his will arrive soon so we have to be ready to train and get this dog in top shape for the President to handle him or her, I can’t wait till this dog arrives. No my first Lady mo has put something in the forums that is very important. She is totally right about happy hour. It is not the only thing we are suppose to do. We have lots of work to do around here to keep us busy forever. She is doing her part in the fundraising Department. I need you all here at all times during the week because we can not let things slack around here. When it is a work day I expect to see you working. Well that is enough for today. Foxy and Jess have given me their reports. And so have Holly and Bella now I do expect more reports from my directors. Meeting adjourned. (They all clap and run for the refreshments)

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