Thursday, March 26, 2009

Directors Meeting

Good morning everyone. I am glad you all could attend today. I am very sorry about the Staff Meeting Tuesday I got caught up in a meeting at Doggy Snaps. So it was too late to have the meeting. You did notice that we have some new members to our staff. Toby from Fluffy mummy is going to work with Dylan and the Cats and Honey will be working with Molly and Floss doing the Mail. Now I have had some good reports from Foxy and Jess and Molly and Holly but the rest of you are not giving me reports for your departments. I need to know what is happening in your departments and this must be reported to my superiors. As you know the President is about to get his new dog so we have to be ready for that with the utmost top priority. We will be in charge of training and boarding this new dog. I need some input on how we will handle this situation. Well that about covers our meeting today. So have a great weekend and keep those tails a wagging!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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