Monday, March 16, 2009

Staff Meeting

Good morning everyone. I would like to introduce some new Staff today. Foxy and Jess has joined us in rehoming animals they have a few new connections that we need to help us in rehoming animals. (everyone claps since the are great friends on Doggy Snaps) Also my First Lady Little Mo has hired some new secretaries for her scheduling meetings and so on. Mac and Milo (yeah!!!!! from the staff) they are some new comers on Doggy Snaps so give them a fine welcome. (They all clap and Milo and Mac stand up and bow) I know they will work out for my First Lady very well. She is planning many Socials that she has to attend in the future. Speaking of Socials I will be giving a social soon for some representatives from some foreign countries so I need you all to be on your best behavior. I will be putting up some more pictures of the staff at their desks working. I have to give some credit to My Mom for making the office picture she did it all on her own without any help. (Everyone claps) Well it’s time for refreshments so on you way and have a great day. Oh wait! Also Remember Happy hour is at Brickies every Wednesday from now on. Maxy Moo says he will keep it open everyday (even weekends) so if you would like to stop for a drink after work at any time you are welcome. Ok that is it for today!!!! (The Staff claps and runs for the food.)hahahhahahahaha

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