Sunday, February 8, 2009

Staff Meeting

Good morning everyone I want to welcome you to our first staff meeting. I am very impressed with this staff. I know we will do a great job for our homeless animals and training of the presidents new dog (cough cough) when he gets one hahahahahaha (The staff a laughs.) As you know that Maxy Moo is my director of security. He will get all the uniforms and badges ready for you. Now we have many other staff members that are directors and I feel they will do an excellent job in their positions. Are there any questions? Milo “Yes I would like to know what we will get paid for our positions?” Good question!!!! You will be paid in Bonios in according to your position. You will speak to your department heads for you information about how many. They have been sent out letters made by my fine secretary Zahli. She has already been very busy getting thing organized for me. Jenny my assistant has been working hard to get all departments in order also. Any other questions? Yeah Maxy Moo raises his hand Yes Maxy Moo “ When do we eat?” (Everyone laughs) As soon as the meeting is done witch is right now. Ok everyone Meeting adjourned

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