Sunday, February 15, 2009

Monday Staff Meeting

Hi Everyone thanks for coming to day I have some issues I would like to take care of before we start. There will be no hanky panky going on in the offices. The job is very serious. We have a lot of work to take care of so I Do not want to have to mention this again. Now Maxy Moo has given out the appropriate uniforms and badges to everyone. As all of you know during the week you can go on the forums with any questions and problems you may have. I want to express my gratitude to Jenny when she takes over for me. I may Have Jenny run some of these Staff meeting for from time to time. I may have to take trips for meetings in other parts of the country. So I won’t be here all the time. As you see that Teddy has become our English Ambassador and I will have meetings with him through the next few months. I won’t be taking any questions today as I know you are all ready for your refreshment and snacks. By the way Maxy don’t eat everything before other people have gotten some. Thank you for being here We will meet again next Monday. Friday I will make sure there is a directors meeting. Meeting Adjourned (Everybody runs for the refreshments and Maxy is waiting like a gentleman.)

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