Thursday, February 19, 2009

Directors Meeting

Good day everyone welcome to our first directors meeting. I am very Happy that you all could attend. These meeting are mandatory. I would first of all thank all of you for doing a fine job as being directors of you departments. Maxy Moo is doing a very good job in his position. Security is one of the most important jobs in this Office. My Legal Advisor Billy-B has been legalizing all the staffs important papers they are to sign for their pay and retirement and so on. Zhali has been an the Ball keeping all my records and taking dictation for me as she is doing for the meeting today. We have acquired an English Ambassador Teddy to take care of The Dog trust in his country. Trevor is taking Care of all other Foreign Correspondence for our office. Bella and Holly are the Directors of Kennels making sure our homeless animals have a good home until we find them one. Very nice job by the way. (everyone claps a little mumble in the crowd) All right all right now back to business. Now Dylan is the Director of felines he is eating that job up he love the kittens especially. Ozzy is the Director of Entertainment which from time to time we will be entertaining foreign correspondents so he has his job cut out for him. Our Directors of Fire Engines and Fire Hydrant are Pippa and Michaela and they are on a mission right now and couldn’t be here but I had reports from them they will soon return. Now Jenny will be taking over from time to time so I hope she doesn’t mind the responsibility. At our next meeting I will expect reports from everyone out loud so they have to be in by Wednesday before our next meeting. Now I had mentioned that there will be no hanky panky going on in the offices. Please do what you have to do when you are gone home. Well that’s it for today I will take questions on the forums so keep me posted on any problems or concerns. Have a great day and we will go back to work.

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